Established in August 2009, POCO Designs is a creative team who focus on bringing to life the styles, passions and imaginations of their clients. As an interior and spatial design duo, Poppy and Charlotte O’Neil create environments, which adopt styles of the past, present and future. Whether it is a commercial space or residential
environment, POCO Designs create looks with an edge that remain true to balance, form and spatial awareness.

With an amazing team of various tradesman and craftsman at POCO’s fingertips, the entire production process is a fun creative experience. The company focuses on the importance of the smallest details and thrive on working closely with clients, builders and developers in creating individual and original interiors. POCO Designs flourish on creating new and innovative environments, which constantly adopt various styles that express and represent each individual client.


As a young fresh designer, Poppy brings innovation and an exciting edge to POCO Designs creations. Through her Bachelor of Design degree at NSW’s Collage of Fine Arts and her Study Abroad in Architecture at London’s Central Saint Martin’s, Poppy has developed the ability to truly express designs that push conventional boundaries and challenge viewers opinions and experiences.





Through her travels abroad and studies in various countries, Poppy has learnt the various possibilities in which a space offers in creating an area, which truly reflects its aim and purpose. Whether it
is creating a fantasy world or a comfortable and welcoming home environment, Poppy is able to interpret a client’s vision and create the ultimate design.


As an active creator who expresses various styles, Charlotte’s ability to execute a clients ideas is a key element to the success of POCO Designs. Trained in London as a specialist painter and restorer, Charlotte worked for some of London’s most
established designers such as Jeffery Bennison, Colefax and Fowler and the National Trust. In 1980, Charlotte set up her own company, “Paintwork”, which focused on designing painted marquetry floors, walls and furniture. After moving to Australia in 1983, Charlotte ventured into the interior design world, working on various projects,
both commercial and residential. In 1984, Joh Bailey, celebrity hairstylist, approached
Charlotte to design their initial Salon in Double Bay. Twenty-five years later,
Charlotte and her daughter, Poppy, created POCO Designs launching the company
with a complete refurbishment of the flagship Salon. Featured in Harper’s Bazaar, the
Salon is just a taste of the diversity POCO Designs execute.